The members of Duxton Hill Chambers are pleased to invite applications for new junior members. Applicants will need to be called to the Singapore Bar, have ideally between 3 to 6 years Post Qualified Experience (“PQE”), and should be able to demonstrate: (a) professional and/or academic excellence; and (b) a strong business case for our Chambers.

Applications will be accepted until 03/12/2021 or further notice, with offers made on a rolling basis.

Each applicant is required to: (a) name three professional referees (i.e. judges/arbitrators before whom they have appeared, lawyers they have worked with or appeared against and clients); (b) provide their CV. Applicants may additionally be required to provide samples of written work.

Chambers may also solicit oral or written feedback (not limited to the applicant’s chosen referees) concerning the applicant.

Chambers’ assessment process is evidence- and merit-based, and is designed to evaluate each applicant by reference to demonstrable satisfaction of the following objective criteria:

  • intellectual ability, including knowledge of Singapore law;
  • excellence in written advocacy;
  • excellence in oral advocacy;
  • judgment, professional ethics and integrity; and organisational fit.

Successful applicants will be required to satisfy all members of Chambers (or a panel designated by members of Chambers to determine the application) that they are outstanding candidates by reference to each of the above criteria.

Successful applicants who take up the offer will be appointed as self-employed members of Chambers who will have the opportunity to work on matters independently and/or as part of a team comprising other members of Chambers.

Chambers is committed to achieving equality of opportunity in all aspects of our recruitment. Applications should be made by email to the Recruitment Committee, at